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All the information you view below was obtained from www.usfencing.org. If you would like to see more details about this subject please visit them online.

(a) Lengthm.21 The total maximum length of the saber is 105 cm.

(b) Weightm.22 The total weight of the saber ready for use is less than 500 g.

(c) The blade (see Figure 12, p. 93)m.23 The blade, which must be of steel, is approximately rectangular in section.

The maximum length of the blade is 88 cm. The minimum width of the blade, which must be at the button, is 4 mm; its thickness, also immedi-atelybelow the button, must be at least 1.2 mm. The end of the blade must be folded over onto itself or be fashioned in one piece to form a button which, viewed end on, must have a square or rectangular section of 4 mm minimum and 6 mm maximum. The maxi-mum dimension must be not more than 3 mm from the end of the blade. The end of the blade may also be formed by a solid button which must have the same section as the button which is folded over (Figure 12,p. 93).If the blade has a curve, it must be a distinct curve which must be continu-ous,and the deflection must be less than 4 cm. Blades with sharply bent extremities or which curve in the direction of the cutting edge are forbid-den. The saber blade must have a flexibility equivalent to a bend of minimum 7cm and maximum 12 cm measured in the following way.1. The blade is fixed horizontally at a point 70 cm from the tip of the blade.2. A 200 g weight is hung 1 cm from the tip.3. The curve is measured at the tip of the blade between the weighted and unweighted positions (see Figures 12 and 13, pp. 93, 94).

(d) The guard (cf. m.5)m.24 The guard must be full in shape, made in one piece and externally smooth. It must have a convex form which is continuous, without rim or holes. It must be able to pass through a rectangular gauge measuring 15 cm by 14cm in section, with a length of 15 cm, the blade being parallel with the axis of the gauge. Inside the guard there must be a socket into which the body cord is plugged, whatever system is used. The two sockets of the body cord plug must be in direct contact with the body of the guard by soldering, making a closed electrical circuit through



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